Technique “Bridge”: how to get an orgasm from penetration

Technique Bridge - how to get an orgasm from penetration

You can try those who are accustomed only to external stimulation.

According to a survey conducted by the US Sexual Health Center, only 18% of women have enough penetration to get an orgasm. Much more often, the respondents enjoyed the stimulation of the head of the clitoris. But even in this case, you can get an orgasm with penetrative sex. The bridge technique can help with this. We tell you what its essence is and how to practice it alone and with a partner.

Why Women Orgasm More Often From External Stimulation

The fact is that the clitoris is responsible for female orgasms . Outside is only part of the body – the head. This is the most sensitive area, and it is physically more convenient to caress it, so it is easier to get an orgasm from external stimulation.

The remaining parts – legs and bulbs – are located inside the body on both sides of the vagina. They are the source of pleasure during penetrative sex. However, this area is more difficult to stimulate, so orgasm is not always achieved in this way. In this case, the Bridge technique can help.

The technique is based on the theory of psychiatrist and sexologist Helen Kaplan. She believed that our brain can adapt to get an orgasm from different influences on the clitoris. That is, if you train, you can gradually learn to enjoy internal, and not just external stimulation. 

How to Practice the Bridge Technique


It is better to start the practice with masturbation without a partner. According to a study by American scientists, women get an orgasm more easily when they are alone, as it is easier for them to relax. In addition, they already know how to masturbate in a way that is sure to please themselves. 

First you need to take a comfortable position and start caressing the head of the clitoris. At the same time, the other hand must make penetrating movements into the vagina. When approaching orgasm, you need to stop stimulating the head of the clitoris, but continue to caress yourself from the inside. 

You need to bring yourself to a pre-orgasmic state, stopping at the last moment to act on the head of the clitoris, you need several times. So the brain will switch to sensation from external to internal stimulation. Orgasm may not be as bright or it may not be at all at first. This is normal – the technique can be tried several times.

Masturbating with sex toys

The bridge technique can be mastered with the help of sex toys. For example, stimulate the head of the clitoris with your hands, and use a vibrator to penetrate. You can leave it off, simulating penetrative sex, or turn on the vibration. Together with gadgets, it is desirable to use lubricants to make penetration more comfortable.

In addition to the usual vibrator, you can try rabbit vibrators – gadgets with two processes. During masturbation with such a sex toy, a small process acts on the clitoris from the outside. It can vibrate or stimulate the head with air pressure. The second, larger part of the toy must be inserted into the vagina. By practicing the “Bridge” technique, at the right time, you can turn off external stimulation or bend the cane, and act only on the inside of the clitoris. 

When buying a rabbit vibrator, you need to consider its characteristics. The same toy may not be suitable for everyone, as women differ in the distance between the clitoris and vagina. To choose a gadget for yourself, it is better to measure this distance in advance. Approximately the same length should be the clitoral process of the device.

Having sex with a partner 

If you manage to achieve an orgasm on your own, you can try the Bridge technique with a partner. A woman or partner stimulates the head of the clitoris with a hand or with a vibrator, and a few seconds before orgasm, you need to move on to penetrative sex. As with masturbation, orgasm may not be immediate, so the technique can be practiced multiple times. Also, the types of stimulation can be changed. For example, at first, a partner can make you cunnilingus, and at the last moment bring you to orgasm with your hands. 

If with the help of the “Bridge” to get an orgasm from penetration still did not work out – this is normal. Maybe the technique just isn’t right for you. Some women can only orgasm from external clitoral stimulation. However, if you are still worried about this, you can contact a sex therapist or sexologist.

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