How to caress your breasts for pleasure

How to caress your breasts for pleasure

Techniques and positions that can be used during sex with a partner or masturbation.

According to a survey conducted in 2016, 95% of women believe that they have erogenous zones. At the same time, 84% noted that they like breast caresses. We have collected several techniques that can deliver pleasant sensations. 

Why breast caresses can be pleasant

In 2011, researchers at Rutgers University set out to find out which parts of the brain are responsible for pleasure when a person interacts with particularly sensitive areas on the body. It turned out that during touching the nipples, the same part of the brain becomes active as during stimulation of the clitoris. According to study author Barry Komisaruk, this may explain why many women enjoy being touched on their breasts.

However, before moving on to the caresses of this area, it is important for the partner to clarify with the girl whether she likes breast stimulation. According to a survey of married women conducted by scientists from Benha University, 15% of respondents do not consider their breasts to be their erogenous zone at all. Also, everyone likes different types of stimulation: some prefer mouth caresses, others prefer hands. Some people want gentle, barely perceptible touches, others want intense and continuous interaction like a massage. 

It is also desirable to take into account the day of the woman’s cycle. Closer to the onset of menstruation, the breasts of some girls become very sensitive, and stimulation at this time can be unpleasant. 

How to caress breasts

use your hands 

Sexologists Carol Quinn, Shamira Howard, and Jess O’Reilly recommend several techniques in a Well and good article. You can alternate them: 

Move in circles

Gently massage your breasts and nipples with your fingers. You can make “circles” of large or small diameters, as well as change the pace or lightly squeeze your chest during the movement. 

Touch from outside to inside 

Use your fingertips to move from the top or bottom of your chest to the nipple and back. It is best to make these movements at a leisurely pace.

Stimulate the chest with an open palm

Gently stroke the nipples in a circular motion, gradually increasing the pressure. 

Caress with your fingers

Slowly stroke the nipples, gradually increasing pressure and speed. Movements can be both circular and from the bottom up. 

Squeeze your chest

Start gently – too much compression can be painful. Watch your partner’s reaction to understand what intensity will be pleasant for her.

Use your mouth and tongue 

In addition to the hands of Carol Queen, Shamira Howard and Jess O’Reilly, oral stimulation techniques  are recommended.

Do circular motions 

Move your tongue around the areola for a minute. Then you can loosely grasp the nipple with your lips and, while it is in your mouth, caress it with your tongue. You can also lightly suck this area, but without strong pressure – otherwise the partner may be unpleasant.

Blow on the nipple

Lick the area of ​​​​the areola with your tongue, and then lightly blow on the nipple, then pursing your lips, then folding them into a tube. This will change the pressure and temperature of the air. 

Play with the temperature

Carol Queen suggests taking a sip of moderately hot or cold water before oral stimulation, and then touching the nipples with your tongue and lips. Boiling water and ice can injure the mucous membrane of the mouth and the delicate skin of the chest, so it is important that the temperature remains comfortable for both partners. 

Try different poses with a partner

The girl stands with her back to her partner, and he caresses her breasts

Sexologist Carol Quinn advises to press the girl to his back, holding her breasts in his hands. You can stimulate the nipples with your fingers and palms using different techniques. A woman can also caress herself or guide you. According to the specialist, in this position it is also convenient to touch the partner’s ears and neck. 

The girl sits on a partner, and he presses his chest to her chest

Sexologist Beverly Whipple claims that touching your partner’s breasts with your breasts can also bring pleasure. For example, during sex, if the girl is on top, the partner can sit down, grab the partner’s neck and press his body against her. Then both need to focus on breathing, so that the chest rises and falls. So you will then approach each other, then move away a short distance. According to the specialist, this practice will help increase arousal.

The partner is in a chair, and the girl is sitting on his lap

Sex educator Marla Stewart advises caressing party to sit in a chair. The girl should go down from above, sitting face to face with her partner. At the same time, legs can be thrown on the armrests of furniture. Thus, the girl will be slightly higher than her partner, and her breasts will be directly in front of his face. In this position, it is convenient to caress the nipples with both hands, lips, and tongue.

Try sex toys and lubricants

You can also use sex devices to caress your breasts . For example, it is convenient to stimulate certain parts of the body, such as the nipples, with a small vibrating bullet. Typically, such gadgets have several vibration modes and intensity levels. 

In addition to vibrators, you can try nipple gels. They have a warming, cooling or tingling effect. If you apply a little on the chest, then the nipples will become more receptive to the touch of a partner or massage with a sex toy. 

Sexologist Carol Quinn also suggests using clamps. It is better to start with simple designs and low compression, and if you like it, move on to more complex options. However, this practice may not be suitable for everyone, as wearing and removing clamps can be painful.

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